Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 Preview - Ullabellatrix

The memory of her nanny always made her smile. “You must be very careful, my sweet little Ulla!” – she used to say, with a grave expression on her wrinkled face. “After sunset, the woods swarm with the most dangerous creatures, people say... those lucky who have lived to tell the tale, that is. They speak of six-legged polecats that spit fire, birds with poisonous feathers, and...” – Nanny’s voice was usually reduced to a hoarse whisper by now – “... there are ruthless, walking golden statues, too, who will kill you in an eyeblink! Promise me you will never walk in the woods after dark, my sweet child!” And little Ullabellatrix promised.
Oh, poor Nanny... she was a foreigner who never truly learned to know and love her chosen homeland. Why didn’t she notice, then, that her ward’s skin was slowly turning into a pale gold, as it customarily happened to the princesses of her House when they approached womanhood? “... and I bet she never counted Fuzzball’s legs, either...” – Ullabellatrix chuckled, then she whistled to her faithful polecat, she patted the deadly feathers of the bird perched on her shoulder, and began her night patrol in the wilderness.


The 2012 edition of Fantasy Faire is around the corner, and look at these beauties that will hit the shelves in a few hours!

Elvenbreath by Selina Forder was among the very first fantasy shops I stumbled into in SL as a noob, and now I have the pleasure to show you one of her exclusive FF items, “Ulabeth”. It is a beautiful ranger/hunter outfit in soft fawns and orangey golds, rich in elaborate details such as the medaillons on the shoulder strap and the belt. The strap, the skirt and the boots come with a resize script, so be you tiny or tall, you’ll be able to wear “Ulabeth” as if it were your second skin.
Talking of skins, “Beatrice” in Gold by Lerochelle Destiny of De La Soul stunningly complements Selina’s outfit. I love the delicate tattoo pattern around the eyes, and I only added a lip tattoo layer of my own because I’m too much of a perfectionist, and not because De La Soul products need any correction. :) “Beatrice” will be available in other fantastic gemstone colours, too, of which I’m going to show you some more very soon.

You’ll find Elvenbreath and De La Soul on the “Shifting Sands” sim here, and here.

Outfit: Elvenbreath “Ulabeth” - RFL donation item (350 L$).
Skin: De La Soul “Beatrice Ikon” in Gold - RFL donation item (350 L$).
Crossbow: GTS Design “Viking Sniper Bow”, a fully functional weapon with HUD – Three Moons Hunt 2 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Hair: D!va “Mana” in Black Amber – group gift (0 L$), and it’s free to join the group.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry “Discovery Eyes” The Far Away - 65 L$; the 6-pair pack costs 260 L$.
Lip tattoo: Lovely Mi “Leafy Lips” – previous hunt gift, not available any more.
Poses: Embody “Supermodel” Get Down in the first picture, and Embody “Supermodel” Tough Girl in the second one. The “Supermodel” megapack is a previous discount item, now one pose is available for 49 L$ and a five-pose pack costs 199 L$.

The pictures were made at Enchanted Swansong.


  1. LOVE the post! The pictures are amazing!Thank you for blogging this!

    1. Charlie,you and everybody I've had the luck to cooperate with for the Fantasy Faire are great creators and nice, helpful people. Thank you for the lovely skins - some more blog entries are on the way! :D