Monday, April 16, 2012

Go With The Flow... Flower With The Drow!

Irrolin eyl’Zebeyriina was a powerful Drow magician and a priestess, the pride of her mother and her entire family. She was tall and slender, she moved with fluid grace, she was perfectly trained in the art of warfare… but her most dangerous weapons were her bright intelligence and her ability to cast arcane spells and curses with the lethal, smooth swiftness of an arrow shot from the crossbow of a seasoned warrior.
Flowery Drow Yet, it is written that even the best may be bested. One day Irrolin engaged in a magical duel with an unknown Drow and, despite the legendary ability of her race to resist hexes and jinxes, she felt rather weird after the duel was concluded. She annihilated her enemy... but why was he smiling so oddly while he was slowly turning into grey dust and black pebbles? Irrolin got her answer the following morning, when her mother started shrieking after the first glance cast upon her daughter, and her family promptly banished her from their splendid residence in the Underworld.
Dark Springtime
She was covered in flowers... terrible, disgusting, colourful, smelly, sticky, living things from the Upperworld! So Irrolin spent the rest of her long, long life in an Upperworld forest, she bred big, poisonous spiders for a living, and everybody who just hinted at her being a “flowery Drow” found themselves turned into a toad or – when Irrolin was in a particularly foul mood - something definitely worse... like a potted geranium.

The “Wear Gray for a Day” event has entered its second week. While many SL residents already prepare for the forthcoming Fantasy Faire and there are so many other shopping events still running, please find some time to hop over to the Wear Gray sim and leave a few Lindens in order to assist research into brain tumour diagnosis, treatment and care. I also thought brain tumour only happened to „others” until a friend was diagnosed with it… happily married, mother of a baby boy, at the age of 32.

Outfit: b[ELLE]issima! “Springtime” gown – exclusive item for the “Wear Gray for a Day 2012” event – 299 L$. The market closes on April 22nd.
Necklace: Finesmith “Color of Your Heart” necklace - Finesmith Minihunt prize (0 L$). The hunt is open for Finesmith Jewellery VIP Group members. You must look for three bags hidden in the main shop; one contains the necklace in the picture, another one a pair of earrings and the third one a ring.
Earrings: ChiChickie „Gem Flower” earrings – a previous Hair Fair gift still available in the shop (0 L$). Go to the gifts department and look for a big red box.
Boots: *FJ* Design Foxy Boots – it is a previous hunt gift, currently available for 499 L$.
Skin and ears: LoveCats “Drow” skin and ears – a previous hunt gift not available any more, but you can still buy the pierced elf ears and the “Grey Kitten” skin separately, 300 L$ each.
Makeup: The Plastik Ataciara “Phoenix” – the makeup layer is a previous hunt gift not available any more, but you can find the Ataciara “Phoenix” skin in the shop (699 L$).
Hair: Battle Angel „Flow” White Angel - Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „Feral Eyes” in Heaven - 65 L$, and the 6-pair pack costs 260 L$.
Poses: CS Shapes „Gentle Poses” in the first picture (previous Womenstuff Hunt prize, not available any more); oOo Studio “Distance” in the second picture - previous Womenstuff Hunt prize, currently available in the shop (45 L$ for one pose, 250 L$ for a fatpack of seven).


  1. I so love the idea of a drow with flowers.

  2. The dress of Elle Zaftig is dark grey, with these small flowery attachments around the arms and the waist... so I got this silly inspiration to pair up the "drow" colour with some flowers. I'm glad you like it. :D