Monday, April 16, 2012

The Fallen

The fall itself did not seem to hurt him...
Not in a physical sense anyway, though, he may not know, or understand this, it being afterall the first time he had taken physical form. Until now, he had been a being of pure light and shadow, even the angels now had some shadow to them, some understanding, however vague, of the world below. The dawn had come, it was his time, his turn to fall, to carry some light with him, and be tested against the darkness. Should it come to pass that he help, or hurt, even he did not yet know. As he fell, bathed in the strangely warm blue light, his path was unknown to him, his character forming from the atoms as they wrapped together, his true self only now coming together. The light and shadow mingled within him, heart and lungs, skin and bone. Falling further and faster, the world opened up beneath him, its heat, its life, its billions of heartbeats, each one affecting him, making his mind clearer, setting his goals.

Fallen 1 As the light bathed his new form, his fall came to an end. The virgin touch of skin on sand burned with icy fire, he knew nothing else... this must be how it was, to touch, to feel. With newfound eyes he looked around, saw the beauty and the barrenness of this world, felt more of its power, its malaise. As the light still shone, further changes were wrought. As his plans formed, all he would need to begin was given to him, soft black animal hide, the sensation of a sound, a word, formed in his mind "Leather" even as the material clothed him. This must be it. This was all he needed. He was ready. Stepping from the light, a sure step, no sense of it being the first he had taken, and he was gone, off to start his work in the world. Fallen 2 

Skin and Shape   :   [-B-]  Buried    Fate II Fair. #06    700L (Shape mods thanks to help from  Xelyn Xaris!)
Tattoo   :   Garden of Ku   Angels & Demons  250L
Hair   :  Dura  Boys and Girls 20 (platinum) 120 L - also platinum hairbase - free at store.
Wings   :   Material Squirrel  Ezriel Angel Wings  150L
Trousers   :   <TheAbyss>    Chaos Leather Pants MALE (black) 300L
Jacket    :     <TheAbyss>     Bomber Jacket MALE  150 L
Piercings    :   [-B-]  Buried :Basic Piercings: - Upper Cheeks (Shadow) Dollarbie
Eyes   :   Repulse   Living Dead (Blind) (Large)  Old Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize, similar available from store - not sure if it includes the blind version, but they are beautiful nevertheless -  100L

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  1. Thats so awesome I love the pictures and the story. And yay to help from Xelyn.