Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fashioncentric hunt part 3

The fashioncentric hunt is in full swing and as promised I continue with hunt items. If you missed previous blog posts, then please find them HERE & HERE also you can find more details on the official website HERE

Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt

From left to right:
1: Alters pink punk > Alters
2: Smiley STR (shoes not included) > WTB
3: Suspended gold  ( shoes not included) > Tw@ttyc@ke


1: Di bodysuit - orange > PurpleMoon
2: Batik beachwear > Marcel's beautiful world
    Hair - Kristina > Enigma hair
3: Punky gauges > Toxic Ink

jewelry set
1: Daan earrings > Twishee
2: Ada Ele - persian > Earth's bangles
3: Zarah bracelets (includes another in a peach shade) > Bliensen & Maitai
    Square shory fairy dust nails > Moondancer Boutique

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