Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Girl and the Skull

She lay there at night, bathed in the moonlight shining through the glass panes of the window. Tears welled in her eyes, and slid softly over her cheeks. The music, made to be played so loud, brought her some comfort even as it came from the speakers in barely a whisper. She felt the overwhelming sadness of loss, as the world turned, and the moon followed the steps of its slow dance through the sky. Had it always been like this? Such depth of feeling? Or did it deepen, wounds worsening with each passing?

Girl and skull

He felt the pain, even across all these miles, it found him. Found him through the maze of city streets and alleyways. Even through the smog, the pale smudge that was the light of the moon could be seen. He stepped out from under the streetlight to see it away from the manmade glare. The pounding beat of the music pushed him, their songs... He knew from the moonlight the phase it was in, and what it meant. His eyes darkened, this too would end. They would come together again, joined by more than the girl and the skull, the music and the moon.

Girl Skull Shirt on Male

This is the first of several posts that will be coming all about the work of an amazing artist Mzzy Wytchwood. All artwork in her designs is hand drawn by her, and I hope you will love them as much as I do. These T-shirts are just the start. While there is no in-world store (yet) you can get the shirt from Marketplace. Marketplace store is


Shirt +REDRUM+   Girl Skull T-Shirt - same on both pics.

Girl pic stuff
Skin :   : S u g a r : Cry My Heart Out -C- :3: (hunt gift from Jack or Jill Depraved Nation hunt - I still love it)
Tattoo :+REDRUM+ Alice  (have to wait for this one  I'm afraid - its not out yet!)
Hair  :   [rQ] Glare onyx / coral  single colour 199L   three shade fatpack 250L
Eyes :  Repulse   Nocturnal eyes -Green  100L
Bed  :  Lisp   Mathilde BedV2   500L

Boy pic stuff
Skin and Shape :  [-B-]  Buried    Fate II Fair. #06    700L (Shape mods thanks to help from  Xelyn Xaris!)
Tattoo   :   Garden of Ku   Angels & Demons  250L
Hair   :  Dura  Boys and Girls 20 (Black) 120 L - also black hairbase - free at store.
Trousers   :   <TheAbyss>    Chaos Leather Pants MALE (black) 300L
Piercings    :   [-B-]  Buried :Basic Piercings: - Upper Cheeks (Shadow) Dollarbie
Eyes   :   Repulse   Slaughter v2 Eyes (Red Sclera)  100L

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