Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Freedom in Red

Somewhere was a human child which maybe would be very unhappy when finding out that one of its best toys was missing but Sybil didn't care. Flying always had been something she dreamt of and when seeing the little red plane she knew that she had found what she had been searching for ages. It were ages in her opinion but the truth was she had decided that she wanted to fly about five days ago. Time feels different when being not so tall. Now she wanted to fly to the north pole. But first she had to cross the biggest lake she had ever seen.
Brave little petite
Sybil knew that she had only gas for one more hour. Slowly she started to suppose that the big lake might actually be the ocean she had heard some stories about. She had always thought that those stories were nothing but lies but it seemed like this was wrong. When seeing the islands she started to feel better maybe she would find a gasstation on one of them. But it didn't seem like she would be lucky. Then she spotted the dragon and started to move her plane to fly to the beast. Maybe the dragon would not mind a hitchhiker.
Brave little petite II
The Fantasy Faire 2012 will start at the 21st April. Its definitly one of the best events in Second Life so all the participating stores create great items which are being sold as donationitems for Relay for Life. The plane rider ao from Creative Insanity will be one of those items. It works with Petite and normal avatars as the plane is included in two sizes. The animations are funny and the plane looks great. For the pictures the flying animation has been used. Because of the size of Petites the ao looks of course especially cute on them as it reminds on a doll which stole a toyplane to escape rude owners. The pictures have been taken on the Fallen Gods sims and the Petite Avatar also comes from this store. The hair is mesh hair from Wasabi Pills which has been rigged to fit Petites.

Plane and Poses: ## CI ## Airplane Rider AO (will be sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Avatar: PETITES Royale + Fallen Gods Inc. (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)

Location: Annon


  1. I still maintain you should collect these in a book, or e-book, somehow :) You have quite the gift.