Friday, April 13, 2012

What Shall I Call You?

Nuwwananiyeh grew up in a world where shapes and outlines mattered, but people had no concept of „colours”. In order to describe a dress, a landscape or a tasty dish she had been talking of „edgy” and „soft” and „square” and „rotund” things all her life… until one day she suddenly decided to follow two birds that somehow appeared in the meadow not far away from her residence.
Spring Purple She was so enchanted, even mesmerised by the two winged creatures that she followed them without giving a thought to the occasional perils that might have arisen. Nuwwananiyeh was running and running.... until she sobered up and realised she was standing in the very middle of a desert, a flat and plain land, and there was something really odd about the landscape. It was.... “colourless”....? Nuwwananiyeh was rolling the word on her tongue. “Colourless”. And she was, in comparison.... “Purple”....? Yes, that was the proper expression! She was dressed in “purrrrpleeee”.... and Nuwwananiyeh was laughing by now. “Purrrple...” .... “reeeddd”... “blueeee”? The new words were frolicking around her like kittens, and she was blissfully happy. “Yellloooowwww....?” – she laughed and pointed a finger at the Sun.
Sakura PeKaS Designs Gorean has a solid reputation in SL for offering a vast spectrum of Gorean fashion for both men and women. Yet, now and then, some “unexpected” items appear on the Midnight Mania boards at PeKaS... something utterly modern, or something out of the mainstream, like the Lady Purple Spring dress that can pass for a lovely Victorian gown, provided you wear the modesty shirt layer that I’ve neglected to put on. :) I particularly like the amazingly detailed, frilly and flowery tournure, and the elaborate flowers in general; and the Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift by Orage Creations just completes this fresh Spring look.

Outfit: PeKaS „Lady Purple Spring” – Midnight Mania Board prize (0 L$).
Skin: Venus Envy „Mayumi” – Lucky Chair prize (0 L$).
Makeup: Madrid Solo „Eden” – The Runway Perfect Hunt 2 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Hair: Orage Creations „Orchid” – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Nails: Sterling Artistry „Petals Pink” – previous monthly freebie not available any more, but the currently available „Dragonfruit” is quite similar to it (10 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „Neko Felidae” Look – camping prize in the shop (0 L$).
Poses: CS Shapes „Gentle Poses” – former Womenstuff Hunt prize (not available any more) in the first picture; Morgane Batista Poses, The Runway Perfect Hunt 2 gift (0 L$) in the second picture.

The pictures were taken at China.

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