Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shopping helper

It was not easy to be the adoptive daughter of one of the lords of hell. Anubia had asked her father several times why he hadn't killed her or something like that when finding her but somehow she must have been a very cute baby so he had decided to raise her as his daughter. Maybe he also only wanted to have somebody close who would not plan to kill him at the end. Of course Anubia sometimes thought about killing him but it would be a bit difficult to get somebody down who was ten times bigger than her and also resistant to most poisons. As cruel as he was to other demons as fatherlike was his behaviour when it came to Anubia. He had sent her to some exclusive schools where she was supposed to learn to behave like a Lady. She turned out like a Lady who was used to deal with deviant creatures and was not offended when seeing somebody eat other beings. But all in all she did quite well. And she loved to shop. If anybody would have heard about her he would most likely have supposed that she would wear typical black dresses with many frills but Anubia loved modern clothing. Her father had offered her slaves to make her clothes but that wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to buy clothes like a normal human. Her father was of course always worried when she went shopping so he started to send some of his servants with her. It was entertaining at least for the servants, Anubia normaly ended totally embarrassed and well the stores looked very different after she and the servants left. Luckily money wasn't a problem so she was still always welcome. But even her father had to admit that it might be better not to send demons with her who had nothing else in mind than making stores look like their normal home and that they hung the shopassistants on the ceiling was also not a behaviour he could call wellmannered. So he started to send a hellhound shopping with her. It went more or less well. He only stared in an inappropriate way on some women and when she told him to stop he stared at men instead. Unfortunatly he started then to be interested in the things she bought and demanded to get clothing as well. Anubia decided that it was best to leave quickly again. The next time she would ask her father to send a succubus shopping with her. This wouldn't be a good decision as well. But after the succubus was done with the storeowner he granted Anubia a big discount at least.
The shopping helper
The current round of the Zombiepopcorn event will only go for a few more days so its time to jump there and to buy the cute items which are being sold there. For example the Dominique mesh hair from Wasabi Pills. Its rigged and comes in two versions. The one on the picture is the version with the pony covering the forehead. The sweater from pesca is available in several versions. This one is the black one. It can be worn with a sculpted bottom but there is also a version included to be worn without that sculpt. The meshclutch bag comes from Tea Time. The set includes it in three versions, one without a pose and two with a pose. Aura released those mesh pants some weeks ago. They are sold in several colours and each of those packs contains them in several sizes and in a version for heels and one for flats. The textures are elegant and sophisticated. The wolf avatar comes from 1st act of course.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dominique Mesh Hair - (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)LinkTop: :pesca:antique lace T black ( 85L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)
Trousers: [Aura] Class Act Pants - MESH - B Tweed - Mute (250 L$)
Clutch: (3 POSES)Mesh Clutch Bag Ocean *Tea Time ZPB (90 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)

Werwolf: 1st Act Werewolf - Shadow Male (1950 L$)
Pose: Purple Poses

The picture has been taken at Mayfair.

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