Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

… what I forgot to tell you earlier, though, was that Adira started her hunting trip on Ostara day, when all living creatures feel Spring in their blood and celebrate the rebirth of the world. Our huntress sniffed out her prey, but instead of jumping on it and savaging it with her razor sharp knives, she found herself sitting in the very middle of an apparently enchanted field that she had never known existed, and fluffy bunnies were frolicking around her in the fresh green grass. All Adira ate that day was carrots, generously offered by her hosts, the rabbits... yet she felt she was wined and dined by the mightiest kings and queens of the world. 

Happy Easter to you, too! :D

Bunny avatar: Risusipo. The bunny avie in the green dress is a former hunt gift, but if you’re equally happy with a bunch of extreme cuteness wearing a pink or yellow outfit, it’s available in the Risusipo shop – 220 L$. 
Easter basket: the basket with the eggs and the slightly psychotic white bunny is a former group gift from Grim Bros. ... who else? ;-)

The picture was taken at Greenhouse.

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