Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be bold with colour


 After all my recent beigeness posts I decided to be a little more bold with colour. If you didn't already know (and I think most of you do because when I went it was rammed to the rafters) there's a mini hunt at PurpleMoon all with all the gifts being purple! I blinkin love these mini hunts, at PM, the gifts are always  great! they've also gone to the trouble of putting a board up so you can see what gifts are available.

 I love Purple, as do I turquoise, perhaps colours that you might not think to put together but I rather like the bold contrast and they belong to the same tone grouping so it works and looks cheerful so what's not to like about them? Technically they are 'cold' colours but because there is a high ratio of 'wamth' i.e the purple has a lot of red and the turquoise has a lot of yellow, a warm toned skin works best  and I particularly like the caramel tone of skins from Hush for this. So what's great about Hush skins is that you choose your make up choice and the skin package comes with a variety of skin tone/ cleavage & eyebrow options to mix and match depending on your outfits. Oh! and you get a shape thrown in too! Brilliant!

Hair: 0L - Group Lucky board item > [SyDS]
Skin: 950 -  Emily - flirt - Caramel > Hush
Dress: 0L - Marga tunic in purple - hunt item > PurpleMoon
Trousers: 0L - Shelan purple pants - hunt item > PurpleMoon
Jacket: 250L -  Sheena jacket - Lidil  > Emery
Boots: 0L - Group gift > Duh!

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