Monday, April 9, 2012


Dust. It hurt his eyes so much that they already appeared as red. Luckily he had found the facemask in one of the left houses on his way. It was only one hour to walk but he had not managed to foresee the change in weather. Else he would have worn more protection against the weather. But so he had to deal with it. The weather had been like this now for some time. And it was good that it was like it was. It made the humans leave. He didn't care where they went he only wanted them to go. The amount of magic which had been needed to change the weather had been giant. And he knew that it would cost him maybe one or two centuries when the elders decided to change the weather back to a more pleasant one again. But there had been nobody who wasn't willing to donate lifetime. Even the oldest who only had some decades to life used those. It had been centuries ago that they all worked together like this but the long time away from sunlight had made them willing to pay the tribute for realizing the only plan they saw as promising to get out of their caves, in which they had been living now for ages.
And it was a well prepared plan. They even had collected plants on the surface and would take care for them until everything under the sunlight turned into a dessert. He was glad not to be one of the gardeners. It was nicer to be one of those who controlled that the humans were really leaving. The elders had been frightened that humans would use their magic against the elven magic but it seemed like they had forgotten it for a long time.
In the Wastelands
Although doing it takes a long time Sanity Falls is an awesome hunt. To take part in it its needed to buy a hud for 100 Lindens. After this you teleport to Sanity Falls and start to search for hints for your kidnapped wife. There are 50 posters to find of her and on each of those posters is a phonenumber. This number needs to be called and you get a hint where to find money to pay the ransom for her. The money always comes with a first huntgift of one of the 50 participating stores. After collecting all the money there is an end riddle to solve and then you get an other huntgift from each of the participating stores. So at the end you get 100 gifts from 50 stores which makes a Linden for every huntgift which is not very expensive especially in comparison with the quality of the gifts. The hunt is also one of the rare ones which have a lot of huntgifts for males. Its even possible to get several new outfits for a male avatar in it.
The facemask is the ending prize from Hooligan, it can be resized and looks great. Its also an item which goes very well in roleplay. The trousers from chandelle are an other gift from the end of the hunt. They are unisex and very well textured. Its always good to have some boots so the gift from Death Row Designs is useful. Beside of looking good there are also some bloody knives attached to it which makes it to an other roleplay item. The boots come in a version with and one without resize script.
The meshshirt and the jacket aren't huntgifts. They come from the Breath luckyboard. The meshshirt is only the part which is worn over the longsleeve. The set includes two versions of the jacket which is worn around the hips. One with opensleeves and one with the sleeves knoted in front like on the picture.
The hair comes from Wasabi Pills. Its really surprising how different the hair can look depending on the clothes combined with it.
The picture has been taken on one of the Wasteland sims. Those are amazing post apocalyptic sims. The pose on it comes from Purple Poses. They have a lot of men poses there and sell them for the same price as their female ones.

Shirt and Jacket: :::Breath::: : mesh tee+Unique shirt dress no3 (0 L$ Luckyboard)
Facemask: Hooligan (Sanity Falls Ending Prize)
Trousers: - CHANDELLE - Pants C. black - Unisex (Sanity Falls Ending Prize)
Boots: death row designs sanity falls boots hunt gift (Sanity Falls Prize)

Location: The Wastelands

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