Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lila and Purple

The flowers were in bloom like always. Lila didn't know any other season. Just the days when spring slowly floated into summer. She was one of the small people. And as beautiful as they were she was not too fond of wearing pretty gowns. Some other small people enjoyed sneaking into the houses of humans where they pretended to be dolls until somebody sewed clothes for them. But that was nothing Lila liked. She wanted to become a cat rider something only males could become.
Petite with Elisabeth gown and jewellry
She was supposed to become one of the sorceresses of her clan. Her whole life had been sorted in this way. Even her name represented the colour she would use in her magic one day. And her haircolour was magically changed to this colour as well as all her clothes. And she herself had to admit that the magic seemed to call her. She got along well with the other colours and was able to create some things allready. But there was that dream. Catriders were the ones who transported messages from clan to clan while riding on cats. And Lila wanted to see more of the world than just the forest where she lived. At someday she would find a solution, she was sure about this. And then she found the lost kitten in the forest. She had no clue where it came from but it was hungry and dirty. Lila started to care for it secretly. Being feed regularly the kitten grew fast and it was very tame at least when it came to Lila. It might have been her magical powers which allowed her to communicate better with the cat than any of the catriders did with theirs. So she started to train with the kitten secretly. Fitting to her own name she called it Purple. When she was completly sure that Purple obeyed to every of her thoughts she unveiled her secret. First people were shocked but her skills were so impressive that it was finally accepted that she owned and rode a cat. And having Purple allowed her to travel and to learn from other sorceresses so that her clan had some benefits because her subborn mind at the end.
Petite in Elizabeth gown
I know Elizabeth Tinsley, the owner of frippery for some time now and her patience is something which is just impressive. The amount of time it took to create the Petite Faerie Queene jewellery must be imense. The set contains a circlet, necklace, earrings, a wristlet and a ring. The ring actually is contained three times in the set for each of the handpositions for petites. As the jewellery for humans from Frippery also the jewellery for petites has wonderful natural forms and just looks playful and elegant at the same time.
The Petite Faerie sets are available in seven colours and sold at Evie's closet where also the gown on the pictures comes from. Its called Elizabeth gown and also available in seven colours. The one on the pictures is the purple one. The gown can either be worn with long sleeves or sleeveless. It is of course very elegant and perfect for every petite queen or princess. The hair is the Orion hair from Wasabi Pills rigged for Petites and the used poses are the Jewelry Standing poses from Just a pose.

Jewellery: Frippery~The petite Faerie Queene in Black (495 L$ also available at Evie's Closet)
Dress: *Evie's Closet* Elizabeth Gown - Petites - Purple (395 L$)
Avatar: PETITES Royale + Fallen Gods Inc. (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)
Poses: Just a Pose

The pictures have been taken on Oubliette. And all the petite items are also being sold in the Petite Avatar Kingdom.

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