Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Huntress And Her Prey

Adira was an experienced huntress, but she was a ranger above everything. She loved the woods, be it Winter or Summer... every season held some unique charm for her. In Winter she enjoyed the soft duvet of white snow that covered the ground, the silence and the sharp sunlight twinkling on the frozen pond. Spring was the season of rebirth, with the birds chirping and singing, and the fresh, crispy smell of the wet earth under her boots. Summer was bountiful, offering her berries and mushrooms... and Autumn was golden, sleepy decay.
The Huntress
Whenever hunger and necessity called for it, though, Adira became a killer. Armed with her sharp knives and accompanied by her pet raven who served as her scout, she dived into the forest... and did not leave until she had her prey. A rabbit, usually, or a pheasant... and very, very seldom even something bigger, like a young deer.
Silent Woods
And today Adira was walking the hunting path again. Her pantry was empty, so was her stomach... and it looked like Black Claw, the raven, smelled something as he was hopping on the shoulder of his mistress quite impatiently. “Shhhh.... let’s go and see what it is, shall we, Clawie?” – whispered Adira, and sprung forward...
... and tomorrow morning I’m telling you what she found.

Outfit: Black Cat Bones „Storm” that also includes the boots – Lucky Cage prize for this week (0 L$). The outfit is very well done, and I particularly like the small elaborate details, such as the hand stitching on the riveted belt, the soft paisley pattern of the underskirt, the coil of rope hanging on the belt and the second knife half hidden in the left boot.
Necklace: Fallen Leafs „Spiritweaver” – Lucky Chair prize (0 L$).
Hair accessory: Caverna Obscura „Elven Hair Sticks” – gift in the shop (0 L$).
Shoulder pet: Montagne Noire. It was part of a previous Twisted Hunt prize, and it’s not available any more. However, if you’d like to have your own pet raven, drop me a line, because it’s copy/trans. :)
Skin: Rockberry „Megan” A Natural – Lucky Chair prize (0 L$).
Hair: Alice Project „Persuasion SE” in Brown – Lucky Board prize (0 L$). The hair is rigged mesh, the giftbox contains three sizes and two alpha layers, plus the hairtips are tintable.
Hairbase: Analog Dog „Black” – free gift package available in the shop (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „February Caramel” – former monthly freebie, but I’m sure you’ll find something quite similar in the shop. :)
Poses: CS Shapes „Gentle Poses” – former Womenstuff Hunt prize, not available any more.

The pictures were made at the Skerry of Einar, a Gorean RP sim. 

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