Thursday, April 5, 2012

Floating over flowers

There it was happening finally. Cita smirked lightly. The dress had the effect she had hoped it would have. A lot of efford had been needed to create it. Her dream was to make a dress which would allow her to float over flowers like pollen. Of course Cita wouldn't have worn just pollen. She had the magical abilities to make it behave like it normaly did even when it was glued on something else. But just using her skin would have been boring and also could have caused confusion if anybody would have seen her flying naked over meadows. She wanted to be impressive so she spend ages on collecting so much pollen that it would be enough to carry her and then she started to wove it into a gown. And it worked. Not that it was important for Cita now that she had reached her goal.
Floating over flowers
The gallery gift shop has as beautiful items as always and this Kimono from MiuMin is one of them. It can be worn in three versions, as normal kimono, in a mermaid version with a wider skirtlike bottom and in the gown version like on the picture. All of them look great and beside the gown the set contains also accessories like a bag and flowers for the hair. The primparts all look very light and move with every move of the avatar. The getas which come also with the set are hidden in the mermaid and gown version but visible in the normal kimono version. Of course the set contains also tabi socks. As many items at the gallery gift shop the Kimono can be bought in a copy or in a transfer version.
The short hair is the latest release from Wasabi Pills. It is made of mesh but different than most mesh hair its unrigged. As it is short hair it is also not really needed to rig it. So it can be handled as normal sculpted hair. And if you have bought hair from Wasabi Pills before and still know how much you needed to resize your sculpted hair from that store, those numbers are exaclty the same at this hair - as its non rigged it comes with a resizer and can be moved.
The flowers on the picture come from The Looking Glass. This store sells awesome plants which look like they would come from an other planet. As those on the picture change their colour and glow they are actually really not very earthy. They are sold no copy but transfer in a set which contains several versions of them.
The background is a skybox from Spessart, it has a footprint of 26 x 26 and is made of 12 prims. The pose comes from purple poses.

Dress: *MiuMIn* 3way KiMoNoDress [Black] (270 L$ sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Annette2 Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)

Flowers: The Looking Glass - Paper Flowers (300 L$)
Background: Spessart - Skybox XII (149 L$ sold on the marketplace)