Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crazy Hair Hunt 3

So many outfits, so many moods, so many roles to play. Each demands its own hair to complete a look, a victorian gent with a pink mohican may look cool, but not so authentic (having said this, it may be a look I work on in future).
This is why I love hair hunts. Doing so many hunts, often I find that there aren't that many hair stores included, which is disappointing given the number of great creators out there. When it comes to hair, I have my favourite creators, and one of them - RedMint - included the store list for this hunt in their group update notice.
      A hunt?
My ears perk...
            For Hair?
You have my attention.
                      With all these stores?
I'm sold. Let's Hunt.

Of course not every hair will work for everyone, but there's is a really wide mix of styles here, all a little on the crazy side - the best side to be on. All stores have the hunt poster - from which you can get a current list of stores, and hints! All hunt prizes are free to buy.

Crazy hair 1 Massive Overgrowth - Shown here in Elvish - By the Stringer Mausoleum.
This gift comes with 6 colours total, and bonus for those petites - same colours included for the smaller sizes! This particular hair could take me in a number of different directions, whether for RP, or as inspiration for photosets. It suggests to me an ice witch, or a mermaid of the north, or even something extra-terrestrial!

Crazy hair 3   How does your garden grow? - by ZsaZsa - MESH
This mesh hair is exactly the kind of thing that makes me love SL hair, and hunts in particular. I would rarely - not never - but rarely have the inclination to go looking for hair like this, but having found it, I love it. The colours are so bright, cheerful, and most importantly, it actually works as hair, rather than something daft I've plonked on my head. It inspires the fun loving, wicked pixie, who sneaks about in the garden, moving the shears, protecting the wild flowers from the gardener's hands all before riding off into the sunset on the back of a white rabbit.

Crazy hair 2
Hathor - Shown here in Grackle - By Tekeli-li! dark artistry.

This Multihues pack is a limited edition release for CHH3, and contains five new combination colours, created especially for the hunt. Helpful NC is included, detailing possible modifications to colour of metals, gems, and gem's glow. Also some nice information about the inspiration behind the hairstyle. This hair makes me long for a flowing white toga, and some ruined temples to wander while I recite poetry beautiful enough to drive souls to distraction.


  1. I feel tempted to do that hunt now as well. Awesome pictures and great text.

  2. You should do it, one prize is better than the other!

  3. Definately do it. I narrowed down the prizes I wanted to blog to about 15, then had to slash the list further to get to the three shown here. Theres a hair with a fish in it. A FISH. Outstanding.

    1. Thank you for narrowing down my choices, too :) I still have two hairstyles I wish to show, and luckily they aren't the ones you've written about here... and the idea of the pixie riding off into the sunset with the ZsaZsa hairdo has made me grin a lot. :)