Sunday, April 1, 2012

Butterflies In The Mist

She was born among the mountains, and she never forgot about them… not even later, when her family gave her hand in marriage to a rich merchant who lived at the sea. Mei Hua became an obedient wife, she learned quickly how to prepare the savoury fish stew that her husband preferred to any other dishes, and she got used to the damp weather and the fog. What she couldn’t forget, though, was the sweet smell of the grass that had grown on her father’s mountain pastures... and she sourly missed the butterflies. There weren’t butterflies in the seashore town, and nobody knew why.
Butterflies In The Mist
Then, one morning, when Mei Hua was doing her usual chores, she felt a soft tickling in her hair. She reached up, touched her elaborate bun, and when she lowered her hand she was astonished to see that a golden butterfly was sitting on her middle finger, and butterflies were soaring around her, as if she had been an exquisite flower. The next day she received a letter from her family. Her mother had died the day before... but the butterflies never left her any more.
Butterfly Princess
I heard people mention the Crazy Hair Hunt and I also saw some pictures of the past prizes, yet I couldn’t really understand why everybody had been talking about the previous hunts with so much nostalgy until the third Crazy Hair Hunt kicked in on March 31st. And what can I say that other bloggers haven’t said before me, in praise of this crazy funny whirlwind of amazing hairdo…? This is the very first SL hunt where I wasn’t cherry picking from the various gifts but I did the entire hunt from A to Z. And what gifts… oh my. Treebee Withnail, the mastermind behind the happening, has been absent from SL for 18 months and now she’s back with a „Bang!” We all owe her some huge thanks for the work she’s done, and we owe similar thanks to the creators whose creativity I can’t cease admiring.

I’m not one of the organisers, yet I hope you’ll forgive me if I share out some mild words of admonishment, for the common well-being of all participants. The hunt is extremely popular and hundreds of SL residents are on the path all around the clock – so pretty please, play nicely, the hunt objects are easy to find (it’s not the Twisted Hunt, after all…), and don’t complain to the organisers at the very first apparent difficulty. Treebee is ironing out the few effective glitches with incredible efficiency, so please show some patience with her. What you get are gifts, after all, and many people have worked in order to amuse you… so please say „Thank you”, and enjoy. :)

Outfit: The White Armory „Mists of Fuji” group gift (0 L$). It’s free to join the group, but for an invitation you have to contact either Colton Drechsler or Ida Donardson.
Hair: Yasyn’s Odds and Ends „Effervescent Chrysalis” – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Skin: PixyStix „Custard” – The Fashionista Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt ended on March 31st, but the gift bag is still out in the shop. If it’s gone, then you can buy the „Custard” skin for 100 L$.
Tattoo: White Widow „Crystal” – free gift in the shop (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „March Festive” – monthly freebie in the shop (0 L$).
Nails: Sterling Artistry “Gold Silk” (10 L$).
Poses: previous D!va group gifts, not available any more.

The pictures were taken at World’s End Garden.

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  1. I love how you deal with colours. Your pictures have always your own style and the outfit fits so well to the hair. An exquisite dress to very unique hair I love it.