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The wind was exactly like it should be. The perfect weather for sailing. It would be one of the days Violeta really would enjoy. And one of the days where she could show that a love for highheels, pretty bags and elegant dresses were nothing which kept one from being successful in a sport mainly men loved. It made her giggle when they asked her for her secrets. But of course she pretended to have none at all. A woman maybe would have recognized her trick but men were not able to do so. At least most of them. One of them had but Violeta was aware of her beauty and he wasn't able to resist her. Maybe it had been a bit much to marry him to keep him quiet but besides being a decent sailor he was also a good cook, and Violeta was a woman who loved good food as much as sport. At least that was what she told others as reason but her husband knew that she loved talking with him and a man who would not have been very attentive would not have managed to figure out her secret.
Lika Ruby dress
It was a secret which wasn't hard to figure out. Violeta always wore the same hairbow when going sailing. It was so useful. The bands helped her to figure out the direction and strength of the wind so she could sail without having to look at any technical instruments. And the little time she saved with that was allready helpful enough. And of course the fact that her male opponents reacted irrational as soon as they started to realize that Violeta was beating them again. An other benefit she had was the fact that she normaly always wore high heels. Only not when she was sailing, but being used to walk on the tips of her feet she was able to feel the movements of the ship very well. It amused her that only her husband had figured out that she was always wearing the same bow. But he soon started to help her to find bows like hers in different colours. He was proud on his wife and did not want that anybody could find out her secret.
Lika Ruby backside
The Invidia skinline is one of the latest releases from Mirror's Enigma. The skin is available in three skintones and several makeups. I liked the seven sins themed Envy bundle best. It contains five makeups and each of those in four versions (with hairbase, with cleavage, with hairbaise and cleavage and pure). The bundle contains also three shapes which have been made for the skin, two curvy ones in a smaller and a taller version and a special one which has also been used for the pictures. The eyes used in the pictures also belong to the skinbundle. The skins are great for a elegant look even with the massive eyeliner of the envy bundle. And its a warm elegance not a cold one. In combination with the shape they also go well for a sportive look.
Face TCR Skin
Lika Ruby is an awesome store when it comes to colourful and elegant asian dresses. The mika dresses are their first meshdresses. They are currently available in six colours - there is also one in the store as groupgift but that one isn't on the picture - and also in packs which contain three colours. The dress packs contain the dress in six sizes (xxs, xs, s, m, l, ll). The mesh is of course very wellmade. The dress itself is a halterless tight dress which is a bit shorter than tealength. Around the hips it has a big belt with a big pattern on it.The frills on the bottom of the dress are very pretty and make the whole design unique. The textures itself are great. Its impressive how the designer added all those realistic wrinkles. The blue dress amazes is especially amazing. The colour is so intense.
Details are often the icing of the candy and so the latest release from 22769 is important for the whole outfit. Its a clutchpurse made of mesh. It is available in several colours. As the dresses are all very colourful the clutch choosen to go with them has a zebra pattern. The hair used is all meshhair from Wasabi Pills. Its often very playful but cute and elegant hair. The poses on the first two pictures come from Purple Poses, the ones on the 3rd an the 4th from Adorkable Poses.
Lika Ruby mesh dresses

Dress 1st & 2nd Picture: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (white) (300 L$)
Dresses 4th Picture:
1: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (blue) (300 L$)
2: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (red) (300 L$)
3: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (purple) (300 L$)
4: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (gold) (300 L$)
5: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (black) (300 L$)
Skin, shape, eyes: [:Mirror's Enigma:] Invidia Light Brown Skintone (Envy Bundle) (500 L$ also available on the Marketplace)
Clutch: 22769 ~ [femme] clutch bag zebra [mesh] (80 L$)
Hair: 1st & 2nd Picture: /Wasabi Pills/ Sachiko Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Hair 4st Picture:
1: /Wasabi Pills/ Amandine Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
2: /Wasabi Pills/ Sachiko Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
3: /Wasabi Pills/ Ginger Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
4: /Wasabi Pills/ Cherilyn Mesh Hair (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack)
5: /Wasabi Pills/ Kamiko Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)

Pose 1st & 2nd Picture: PURPLE POSES
Poses 3rd & 4th Picture: Adorkable Poses

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