Friday, March 30, 2012

A Hunter's Life

Mysticina planned her look very carefully. She knew she must appear smashing, dazzling… but, first and foremost, intimidating. „Make those mortal worms tremble in awe and give you free way… yes, that’s it!” – she cackled softly, while she dabbed the dried dragon blood powder on her eyelids. Then she started working on her black mane until it looked as if she had just returned from a ruthless battle with orcs and trolls. „Excellent…” – Mysticina patted her wild locks with a satisfied half-smile. „… excellent.”
Casting Spells
Then, the outfit. Hard, cold silver and black silk. A belt that seemed to be fabricated from werewolf fangs… she particularly loved it. Ah, the terrified yet lustful glance of that boy, he might have been a servant or a pageboy, who almost run into a wall when he caught sight of her clad like this, majestically parading along the Main Street. 

Charming Darkness
Mysticina chuckled, and picked up the demon’s claw staff… yes, this had to be the final touch, the monster’s withered fingers still clutched around the lava globe he hadn’t been willing to give up to her. „Mmmmm… perfect, just perfect!” – Mysticina was very satisfied. „But now let’s go, the Spring sale starts in a quarter of an hour, the shops will be crammed with crazy people fighting over bargains, and I just have to get those lovely boots at half price!”

Outfit: EMO-tions „Mystique” - group gift (0 L$). Mirja Mills has just spoiled the EMO-tions group members with an entire wall of freebies in her shop at Hell’s End. You can find a bit of everything, men’s hair, women’s hair, entire outfits and even cute fantasy pigtails for Petites. You’ll appreciate her generosity even more if you realise that it’s free to join the group.
Staff: Talevin’s Designs „Demon Claw Staff” – MM Board prize (0 L$).
Hair: EMO-tions „Wicked!” - group gift (0 L$).
Skin: Abranimations/Ascend „Acantha” Gothic Skin. It was an Advent Calendar gift last year, now the skin is available at the Ascend shop (895 L$ for an individual skin, 2950 L$ for a set of eight).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „Underworld Eyes” in Obsidian (65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Nails: Sterling Artistry „Blazing Ruby” (10 L$).
Pose: No Strings Attached – Frankenfae (not available any more).

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