Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashioncentric Hunt part: 2

The Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt starts tomorrow! and there are so many stores involved, it's a biggy! and so I am doing a series of blog posts to cover many items from the hunt. Check out a previous post HERE and official website with slurls and all participating stores HERE


If you missed my previous blog post about the Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt then take a look

1: Cocktail dress - spring flower (shoes not included) > Punky chicks

2:  Outfit - Pearls & lace dress - lilac > Matahari style

3: Hat: Partita a briscola > AD creations
    Outfit: Set for spring > [NN] designs  (shoes not included)

1: Top - red top part of  Toxxic belted top gift > [FIEND]  (shoes not included)
    Jeans - crack spring madness jeans > PEER
    Skin - Nuala pinot > Dulca secrets

2: Top - toxxic belted top blue > [FIEND] (shoes not included)
     Jeans - dark wash vintage jeans > Lopo
3: Sneakers - sunshine > Viviane fashion
    Outfit - toxxic belted top & leggings - red > [FIEND]

1: Female outfit > Cupcake clothing
    Skin - Nuala pinot > Dulce secrets

2: Cocktail dress - asian blue (also comes with prim skirt option, not shown) > Sweet distractions 
 (shoes not included)

3: Margarita II green dress  > Vextra fashions (shoes not included)

Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt

1: Trixie in purple > Inga wind clothing (this hunt item contains a mesh jacket that I have been unable to blog)

2: Barely visious plum > Psy's closet & creations

3: Dreams of black > Wild serenity

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