Monday, March 26, 2012

Teen style


So of all people my son sets me a blogger challenge, he says "mum why don't you ever do a look for girls?" I don't ever intend to do child avatar I just don't sit comfortably with that, however it did get me thinking of looks for teens and this is my creation.

Granted sons response was not favourable but hey what does he know he's a boy! and I would totally dress this way if I were a teen, actually I probably did, come to think of it now I actually did own an outfit exactly like this *blushes* But anyway I enjoyed putting this look together and I think it would be rather fun to see more teen style out there on the blogs.

Just one thing of note, I am wearing a delightful skin from wow skins which is at the current weekly event 50L frenzy shop a thon - week starting 27th March. There are 2 colour make ups if you don't like to be as bold with blue eyeshadow.

Hair: 280L - BKR943 - Platinum > Boon
Skin: 50L - Lily 2 By wow skins @ > 50L frenzy shop-a-thon
Top: 69L - Mickey jacket - blue > JEM
Skirt: 0L - Luckyboard item > HNF * petit
Tights: 0L - Group gift > !1MM
Sneakers: 290L -chucks - black > Urbatik
Pose: 75L per pose - editorial > Epiphany


  1. I always find that my avatar looks, um...well. Very young! all of the time. It's not remotely intentional, but there we go. Cute look!

  2. Thanks Kitti. That's what I love about SL you own your own style regardless of age I'll quite happily dress this way in SL but wouldn't get away with in RL.