Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boyish style


I wouldn't especially call this a tomboy look, yet to me it long a tad masculine. Perhaps it's the short hair which I picked up at Tram, I have to say at 350L I thought this was a little pricey for hair compared to many other hairs out there, so I deliberated for a while before finally buying it.

 You may argue that in real terms it costs barely anything, yet to a shopaholic blogger like me with the distinct reality that It would be rare for me to wear anything more than once, I think hard before I buy, and if it's something that's quality that I think I'll wear again then i'll go for it.

I digress, perhaps it's the sheer make up free skin from Love which I have to say is a pretty fabulous blank canvas in which to add your own make up choices or like me just wear it as it is. In truth I'm not sure what it is that makes me think this whole look is a little boyish but I like it a lot.

Hair: 350L - A816 - Gray > Tram
Skin: 1200L - Emma redux - > Love
Top: 0L - (part of a dress) Lily - burgundy by old time prims @ > 1920's Berlin
Shorts: 30L - short pants - grey > Evergreen
Shoes: 169L - AA Mox - Vanilla > Argyle Anonymous
Bag: 0L - group gift > S@BBiA
Eyes: 10L - Jelly eyes - Electricity (gacha item) > Sterling artistry

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