Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Drow, when beings which weren't drow heard that word it made them shiver. They knew that the ones who lived deep in the mountains were more to fear than the worst giant. A long time ago Druunak had been a drow and he agreed. It was smarter to flee from them although it was hardly possible to escape them. As all of his kin he had spend his youth in dark caves somewhere under the mountains always in danger. The next drow was always the next possible killer. For some time he enjoyed it. The silent killings, the intrigues and the parties - which only lead to more killings and intrigues. But then he started to get bored and saw no sense in playing the typical games. Although it were games which could cause his dead he simply wasn't thrilled anymore. Searching for more deepth he made his way up to the surface.
22769 sweater for narcissus room I
First the bright sunlight hurt his eyes. Everything else would have been surprising. After a while he started to wander downhill and was soon amazed by all the flowers and trees he saw. The naturewas totally different for him. He also met people well met would have been wrong he saw people but they ran away from him, in his opinion they were pretty slow. But then he saw a man working in a garden and approached him and the man didn't run away. The man was old for a human, which meant he was a child for Druunak, but a child with knowledge he wanted so the Drow became the apprentice of the gardener. And finally found something which was better than killing for the sake of killing and more power. Slowly people even got used to seeing him working in the garden. But always when somebody got killed he had to deal with people singing a german song "Der Mörder ist immer der Gärtner".
22769 sweater for narcissus room
22769 takes part in two events for men at the moment and for both they created mesh items. For the 3rd round of the narcissus room they made a green hipster jumper. The way the folds are designed is awesome. As the shirt is made of mesh it comes with a alphalayer. It should fit any avatar. The slacker pants are designed for the Mens Departement event. They do not need an alphalayer and are perfect to wear in the morning or when walking around in a casual way. The mens.department event will start at April 7st. There is a group you can join to get more informations about it. Even the poses come from 22769, they were a gift for the bloggers who took part in the 22769 in the blogs exhibition.
The crazy hair hunt runs currently for the third time. The blonde hair with the flowers is the gift from (red) Mint. Its one of the few gifts in the hunt which also go for men - at least thats what I have been told - and is really pretty. The hair comes with a resize script and the gift includes a version with and one without particles.

Shirt: 22769 ~ [homme] narcissus3 hipster jumper mesh (75 L$ sold at the narcissus room)
Trousers: 22769 ~ [homme] mens.dept. 1 slackerpants mesh (60 L$ sold at mens. department)
Hair: (red)Mint Hair ~ Miss.Dandelion(CHH3 Hunt) (0 L$)
Tattoo: The Plastik :[P]:- Valah Markings- Recolorable
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~Noctis Group Gift (0 L$)
Shape: Zero Shape modded (0 L$ Eclectic Equations Headquater)

Poses: 22769

The pictures have been taken at Greenhouse a wonderful old sim near blake sea filled with flowers and a greenhouse.

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