Saturday, September 1, 2012

Candy Coated Dream

It had been a long time coming, this new world. A lot of work had been put into it, making it as realistic as a dream could be. It was a dream after all, the imagination of a mind too large on a world to small for its desires. Each grain of sand had been selected, cleaned, sanitized and shipped. The water, purified and filtered, irradiated and shipped up in tankers larger than those still slugging across the tainted seas below. The air itself a concoction of stripped and polished atoms, recombined in its new concentration, the additional oxygen making the eyes shine in the faces of each occupant in this haven.
Fuze Candycoated
It wouldn't work of course. She knew this, just as all the scientists did, had they had the opportunity, or bravery to look into their hearts and speak out. No life could exist, or thrive in such conditions. This bubble of a world they had created would die off, it was too perfect, no dirt, no disease, no unengineered life, nothing for anything to feed from that was natural, it could not last. The plans to ship the wealthy off the planet they had ruined would come to nothing. "Fair enough" many who knew had said. "Let them die up there". This she couldn't allow. Taking that which was good from the world, only to have it die along with the autocrats was not a fate that should come to pass. It had to be stopped.
 Fuze Candycoated
Having pooled all their money, and fabricating an account to show they had what they did not, now the planet had this one shot. Scrubbed and cleaned, tested and scanned, she passed their tests. Now in the bubble, this pastiche of paradise, it was time to unleash life, to save it. This candy coated dream was about to show its real strengths were under the surface. Stepping into the stream of warm water, her makeup, so cunningly prepared and applied began to smear. carried across the ground in the water, and up into the air in the steam was the pollen, the dormant bacteria, the minute seeds, having shown only as flecks of glitter on her face were now germinating, reaching out across the refined atmosphere. She was the fuse. It would be the candy coating that would ruin this dream for those who dreamed it, and made it a reality for all those it had excluded and damned.

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