Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Three spoonfuls of S u g a r

I promised the rest of the skins from the new range by  S u g a r. Here's some of said skins, each design shown is also in a different skintone, so you can see what you have to pick from if you get to the limited stocks soon! I warn you, this may be a bit of an epic, though after three I thought it was enough for today...

Tango Masque

 barbados tango masque c3_2
The masked ball was always the event of the social calendar, a chance to outdo longstanding rivals and friends. The aristocrats with their costumes pieced together by designers paid astronomical sums to step away from couture collections. Upstarts from the nouveau riche flashed their gaudy baubles, never quite meshing with the inherited, if decaying glamour of those born and raised in the lifestyle. Isabella of course, fit neatly into neither of these categories. They saw her as the hired help, their insecurities laid on her, their own inadequacies exposed as she moved through the crowds. She had taught many of them the steps, and tonight, all eyes would be on her as the tango began. Sultry strains of music beginning, raising in tempo to a passionate beat she matched with each step. Her dark eyes behind the mask of her makeup caught the jealousy in each gaze, the longing each movement produced in her audience. Spinning into her stance, her back to the throng, looking back at them over her shoulder, her ruby lips parted in a wry smile. The elite filling the hall were wrapped up in the spell of the music, as with a stamp of her heel, the dance began.
barbados tango masque c3_1 Shown here is the Tango Masque skin from  S u g a r  in skintone Barbados. The dark sweep of black across the eyes makes this a great option for a masked ball, without the need to an additional mask - thus also avoiding any conflicts between lashes you may wear with a mask. The lip is a beautiful rich red, with strong highlights giving the glossy effect.

Punky Babe

punky babe demarera c3 2 She was always in the library... This was not to say that she was always working, far from it. On those rare times when she had been caught during one of her pranks, dropping cherry bombs into toilet cisterns, or wrapping the Principal's car in cellophane, she would be sent there to sit though a detention. More often than not, she was in there simply because it was quiet, a good place to think, to dream, and to read. There were no limits to what you could learn she knew, other than if you happened to run out of books, even then, you could always charm the librarian into ordering more from another college. This, of course, was one of the best scams going. Slip a note, an order, a phone number into a book on the shelf of those requested by another college, and you tapped into a healthy trade route, well established and never yet discovered by those in charge, however much the texts may smell of illicit substances on their return. Young and innocent looking as she was, she had learned the ways of the world, and how you could often find fun in the most unexpected places.
punky babe demarera c3 1 Shown here is the Punky Babe skin from  S u g a r  in skintone Demerara. This is a youthful skin, with a smattering of freckles over the cheeks and nose. Pale pink lips and silvery eyeshadow maintain this sweetness, but an edge is still delivered by the arching brow. This skin would make me imagine there would be scrapes on the knees from some escapade or other, it makes a beautiful tomboy!

Midnight Lotus

midnight lotus1 Madame Lotus was a well kept secret in the chateaux and palaces during the reign of Le Roi Soleil. The Sun King... the thought itself made her smile. Light calling on darkness to tell it's future. Not that there was only light to be found in the state rooms of the courtesans and courtiers. Plots there were thicker than the miasma over the Seine. She would uncover them, or shroud them deeper in darkness, depending on the coin she was offered, and what she received. This was not the first royal house she had graced, or damned. She picked, and chose her favourites, from the people, and the fashions of the time, and others she had lived through. Cloaked and hidden, she was rarely seen unless she desired it, and when she did, her hypnotic visage ensnared the most cynical of hearts.
midnight lotus2 Finally, for today anyway, here is shown the Midnight Lotus skin from  S u g a r  in skintone Honey. The makeup on this skin is powerful, with the rich deep wine coloured lip, again with a glossy finish. The boldness of the look continues with the sweep of purple across the eyes, and the gold highlights of liner add an opulence. This is surrounded by delicate, art nouveau linework, which softens the overall effect, ensuring the bold, almost warpaint stripes of colour are still very feminine.

These skins are available at   S u g a r   mainstore for L$ 899 each, including the different cleavages, and extras. There are only 50 of each skintone available. The rest of the range will appear on the blog soon!


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