Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fish and Cats... almost.

Here, as promised, the final two skins from the new   S u g a r  line. I hope you love em.

Siren's Lust

cane sirens lust1 For centuries the landwalkers had wondered, had dreamed, and invented stories about all they did not understand. These dreams were the work of the Sirens. They pulled on threads of memory, imagination and desire. From deep below the waves they would sing, the soft strains of music flowing with the tides, breaking into trance like tones as the breakers hit the shore. Calling the landwalkers to their watery graves was their task and their joy. The lustful heat they could inspire in rapidly beating hearts, the yearning gaze of desire in eyes reflecting their beauty, and the deadly rhythm of the waves. Few caught in their aqueous embrace would live to walk the land again. Dazzled by shining scales on the faces of new paramours, the Sirens would take their warmth along with their kisses. Some may not have minded, a new life could await them after all, deep beneath the rolling waves.
cane sirens lust2 Shown here is the Siren's Lust skin by   S u g a r  in skintone Cane. This skintone is pale, with a warmer pink in the cheeks that works well with the striking turquoise and green of the eyeshadow, face scales, and lips. There's a punky feel to the colours used for the skin, without it being overly strong, so it could be worn as a badass rebel of a young Mer, or softened to a more gentle look just by your choice of hair and outfit.

Cats Eye

powdered catseye1
It had been loud as a screaming jet engine, and hot as hades in the underground club that night. The tiny stage had been little more than a podium on which they had been the focus, the target for the yells, energy, and hands of the writhing mob. Sweat condensing on the walls, running in rivulets down grimy brickwork, smeared here and there where a body fell against it, no longer able to keep up with the driving pogo filling the dark cramped space. Clothes were torn, toes crushed, asses grabbed. And no one cared. It was all about the music, their music, and being there. Bedraggled and battered, scratched by the reaching hands of the crowd as they jumped and rocked to the beat, they had never felt more alive. Final chords thrummed, screaming and shouts chased them along the tangle of backstage corridors out into the chill of the alley. Falling onto the crates, voices hoarse, they were the essence of their music, the sound of the night.. and the camera caught it all.
powdered catseye2
Here shown is the Cats Eye skin by  S u g a r  in the skintone  Powdered. Wow... seriously, I JUST got all the sugar references. I'd just been thinking they were all 'sweet' names linked to the colour tones. There you go, my occasional slow idiocy exposed. Anyway - back to the skins. I think this may be my favourite of the new selection of skins. The leopard spots across the eyes are not in a solid or straight band, it's the curves that make it look so good, more natural even. The lips are nude, but with gloss that makes them stand out as effectively done natural makeup. This skintone, which is paler than anything I would generally go for, is really beautiful. If I go pale, I'll be going powdered. Love this.

As with the other skins, these are limited release, 50 of each tone in each style. You can find them here...

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