Thursday, September 6, 2012


Their whispers wandered through the cave. Slight questions and answers were exchanged then finally not only their hands touched but also the wyrms they carried on their heads. Informations flew from one to an other. And they were one again.
Dragonbreed II
Being apart was always a pain for them and so were the moments when they met again. Akalaia the female one had not managed to stand the pain and fallen onto the soft wet ground so that her companion had to help her up again. He felt weak himself but tried to force himself not to feel the pain because he knew that she would feel it too which would make everything way worse.

Dragonbreed I It was surprising enough that they still were alive. Ages ago when their kin and the wyrms had managed to nearly kill each other they decided to have ambassadors who would be both wyrm and Nyroyama. So each year the most sensitive children were choosen and forced to unite their mind with a wyrm. Most of them did not survive, the shock of feeling an other mind in their mind was too much for them, others who survived the first shock were not able to stand the pain the foreign thoughts created in them. The feeling of bathing in fire and swimming in lava was nothing they were able to deal with. But some of them managed to realize that the wyrms were forced as they were and managed to find a way to communicate with them. Not that they were able to teach anybody. Every connection was unique. Those were the ones who became ambassadors between the Nyroyama and the Wyrms. Sometimes like in their case they connected somehow to one of those who went through the time of the first massive pain with them. Not that they ever were alone together. The wyrms never left them.Dragonbreed III
Xoph does not only create the best tentacles in second life. They also normaly take part in the twisted hunt. This time their huntgift is an awesome mix of a dragon and horns. It looks like a bonedragon would be sitting on the head between two impressive horns. The item is resizeable and the set contains a set for normal avatars and one for petites.
At Xoph you actually do not have to search for the twisted cube. You need to solve a ride which includes finding totems which give you some answers. At the end you need to find somebody whom you tell those answers and who gives you the huntgift in exchange. It is fun and there are some cool items to play with in the store. And who wouldn't like falling through a tunnel of lava or to find a path through disappearing stepstones?
RokumeikaN also takes part in this hunt. Their gift is a complete outfit called Knight of Darkness. It suits men as well as women. All primparts have a resizescript, the textures are very well made.
An other great hunt started today. Finding Fab free celebrates 5 years of the FabFree Blog and many stores take part in this. For example A:S:S who made a dragonskin tattoo layer and dragon eyes (made of mesh) as hunt gifts.

The couple pose used in the  picture comes from exposeur and the single poses are both available at purple poses.

Horns: XOPH Twisted Gift Fall 2012 Darkness (0 L$)
Eyes: A:S:S - Naga - mesh eyes and makeup for Finding Fabfree hunt (0 L$)
Outfit:+RMK*knight of darkness *+ (0 L$)

Hair on him:  /Wasabi Pills/ Orion MALE Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Hair on her: Magika Length (250 L$)

Couple Pose: {.:exposeur:.} One and Only
Single Poses:  Purple Poses

Pictures taken in Booshtopia

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