Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dragons dance at the Fantasy Faire

Nagendra danced in the darkness...
Deep down under the snowcapped peak of the mountain was her home. The doorway, the only way into her realm, was hidden away behind broken pines and shattered rock; a most unassuming, and forgettable cave.
Few found it, those that did were unlikely to return to their own worlds to share a tale of what they discovered. She would steal out in the darkness to seek what she desired. Gold and jewels were rarities these days, even in the high wilderness, much that had been plundered from the earth now lay locked up tight in iron chests. Prizing the beauty of gems and metals, such actions seemed a crime, and while crimes in general were none of her concern, Nagendra certainly enjoyed righting that particular wrong.
Here, deep under the mountain, she kept her own trove safe... out of the sight of others of course, but always on display for her. The movement of the earth, soft scratchings of rats and deep muffled booms of drums in distant dwarvish caves would occasionally send a pile of coins toppling over. Minute changes in the delicate balance started a soft note ringing in the hollow crystals she wore at her ears and neck. Gold slithered over pearls and jewels as riches beyond measure settled into new resting places. This gentle sound sent a shiver through her, tail flexing as plumes of flame licked her fingers. Raising her hand, eyes that rarely needed light to see would survey each alteration, each movement. This fire was hers, this treasure, hers also.

In an ode to the dragon whose absence, especially at Faire time, is felt so keenly - and mentioned already so wonderfully by Ursula - here I present some beautiful items from {Lemon Tea} and c( Two Cats ) available at The Fantasy Faire.

{Lemon Tea} Drakodaimonen Tail - RFL - Dark Wood (Light wood tone also available)
c( Two Cats ) Elixir Earrings - Glass
c( Two Cats ) Elixir Necklace - Glass 
c( Two Cats ) Magical Poses       (The flames are my addition - but I think they work really well with these poses!)
c( Two Cats ) Miqo'te Poses

Fly down to the Faire on swift leathery wings; or just grab a free ride.

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