Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smoke and Flame at the Fantasy Faire

2 Burn baby burn... It was no disco inferno  sweeping through the forests that evening. Music curling with the smoke around tree trunks as they blackened, then began  to glow, was the hot rush of air, carrying with it the screams of those creatures and plants not quick enough, or just unable to evade the flames.
Each step she took, the earth would bake, rocks and stones melted into magma at her touch. Anything her long tail brushed against turned to smoke. Spreading her wings, she seemed every inch the destroyer of worlds. These misunderstandings made her chuckle. People weren't so wrong... just a little shortsighted. Sometimes life needed a little trauma, a little danger, a little damage to be able to bloom to its most beautiful. Her fires brought forth new growth, cleared away all that was damaged, lighting up the night with the inferno. At the dawn, new shoots would break through the scorched earth, and life would begin again.
More darkness tonight - from Alesandra Markova of Dark Goddess Designs.
Shown here is her Female Smoke Demon Avatar - available at the Fantasy Faire. It includes the Shape, Spines, Horns, Hair, Eyes, Tail, Hooves, Skirt and Bra, along with a HUD with flame control! Also shown are the Smoke Demon Wings, for when you want that added fuel for your fire!

Grab your Limo here to the Fairelands - before they are all aflame...

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