Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life in Atlantis - Part 2

As Jaimie tended the gardens, and maintained the kelp forests that obscured Atlantis from many a prying eye, Isabelle had her own areas of expertise. From the surface, she would barely be seen; her colouring, all those tones of teal, turquoise and blue in her fins helped her blend seamlessly into the waves. Up at the surface, near the border with the world of air above, she was the eyes of her people, capable of sounding the alarm while any approaching ship was still safely out of sonar range
As night fell, and others took over the watch, she would sink back down to the ruins of the old city, still the heart of Atlantis. Just as they had when the city had been in the air, fathoms above where it now lay, moonbeams still focused on the town square. Their light dissipated through the depths, but Isabelle still shone. Phosphorescence, energised by her time in the sunlight near the surface, brought new light to the deep.
Danielle, just like her sisters, spent time at the ruins when she could. It was important to their survival to have food, and to not be found and treated as curiosities of course; but without their history, none of that would matter much. This was where she excelled. The ways her people had swum flowed in her veins. She studied their ancient texts, long since transcribed onto stone tablets capable of enduring under the water where ink would not. These she would care for, replacing or recarving when salt and tides blurred the edges of their words. Of course, much of their history was passed from Mer to Mer, their stories and songs pieced together threads of fact and myth, weaving the fabric of their people, and all those they met. All histories can be shared, and Danielle could spend whole tides conversing with the whales or the starfish. All these lives came together in the heart of the city, forever remembering their pasts, and looking to their futures.

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Isabelle is a new creation from Theta Marseille at Mermaid Treasure & Boutique. It is available at the Faire for L$ 500. The set includes includes Top, Pants, Leg hider, Spine, Pelvis, Hip, and Leg Fins, and Earrings - check out the other pictures on my Flickr for a close up of these.

Sparkly Danielle Mermaid in Red Mix is an AUCTION item at the Fantasy Faire. This Red colour option is made just for the Auction and will not be available after Fantasy Faire 2013.
Danielle includes Top, Pants, Leg hider, Spine, Pelvis, Hip, and Leg and Arm Fins, and a matching red pearl necklace. 

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