Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blood Letters

1 Droplets of blood, dried where they had fallen on the paper, or were smeared across the old fashioned typewritten letters, letters which were arriving day after day. Letters each day signed with a bloody kiss. 2 The Mantis... a serial killer locked away. Her modus operandi out there in the world again, finding people and luring them to their deaths. Clues, drip fed to the detective like blood through an IV, a sticky red trail to follow from one victim to the next. Too close, and the blades perforating the bodies she found would be dangerously close to her own flesh, too far behind... The author of these love notes had made it clear they valued intelligence and wit, she had to keep up, or lose everything. 3 Writing each letter was a joy, the delight of anticipation, imagining just what her face would look like when she saw each envelope. She had done well so far, as repulsed as she may have been by each tableau laid out so carefully for her she had kept on coming. It had been such fun, creating those scenes, the taste of each victim lingered on her tongue, on her fingers, on her... 4 Each day another clue, drawing her closer in to her web, closer to the heart of her lair. The danger was all, the darkness, the blood. It meant everything, to take everything away from someone else, to enjoy it all yourself. If her pawn could only make it, could only work out all of the clues before her, she might not have to enjoy these things alone.

MadPeas - Blood Letters
The first adult themed game from MadPeas - fresh instalments of blood and sex every day! A HUD driven, grid wide hunt for clues, objects, people. Each day in November has been a step further into the story of the detective, and the serial killer. Now, the end is achievable, you have until November 30th to complete each day, and reach the finale. There are prizes along the way, and if you reach the end, and solve all the puzzles, you hit the motherload of prizes! The storyline has an adult theme - but if you aren't an adult - whatcha doin' on the adult grid? Come on, unleash your dark side and join in the immersive story.

Skin : [Deluxe Body Factory] Samantha skin - sand
Eyes : Laudanum Lollipops - Black eyes
Suit : MadPeas: BloodLetters P.I. Suit F Black  L$ 175 available from the start point at Revolt
Necklace :  Maxi Gossamer -Necklace - Blood Heart Love Nest - SILVER
Blood : +REDRUM+ Bewb Blood Murder
Gloves :  +REDRUM+ Gloves Half Bloodied

Chaise : CheekyPea: Mantis Chaise
Telephone table and chair : [we're CLOSED] dial M chair - adult
Armchair : Warm - Chesterfield Armchair
Suitcase : +REDRUM+ Murder Suitcase Skull Open PROP
Blanket : [Consignment] Psychopath's Cuddle Blanket
Skull case : [Consignment] Trophy Display Case
Neon Cross : 7mad;Ravens Neon Cross (soft neon glow)

Makeup : Laudanum Lollipops - Mantis
Whip : 7mad;Ravens  (Fem) WhipLash
Top :  :DEADPOOL: Forbidden Lola Top
Gloves :  Razor/// Foe Gloves - Blood Finger Option - Gore
Leggings : [Cynful] Leggings Mad Pea Edition - Open/Silver/Bloody 1

Bureau : :CheekyPea: Mantis Bureau
Book and letters : Lilith's Den - Dark Book 6  - Mantis  / Closed Book

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