Monday, April 12, 2010

Bringing the big city to the country

22769 have a new midnight mania item. A green shirt with a hoodie.
Top: 22769 green surfer hoodie (0 Linden)
Shorts: [BUTT-ERR] Free black booty shorts (NM/C/NT) (0 Linden)

Today i found two nice groupgift at Lycee feelings shop. Both dresses are very cute in my opinion.
Dress: LFS@black feather dress (0 Linden)
Dress: LFS groupgift 0908 (0 Linden)

And now the boots which caused this blog. I won them on a lucky chair. I still do not really know what to wear to them but they are very great in my opinion.
Boots: Sentou Yousei (battle fairy): Big City Boots (Child Size) (Lucky chair) (0 Linden)

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