Monday, April 12, 2010

Who ate my ear?

Crying because i just recognized that somebody ate my ear. How mean. Only because im a chocolate bunny. But how did that happen?
This morning i went fishing at the new Pocos village.
Phant and me had some fun on the swing.
When walking around i met a nice poco who told me about a hunt going on at Loco Pocos Island and Poco Village.
So i got me a hud, searched the eggs and after finding all six eggs i opend the treasure box and became a chocolate bunny.
The hunt is fun. The Eggs are hidden well but not hidden to well. The hunt takes place at Loco Pocos Island and Poco Village. When searching at the Loco Pocos island take also the teleport to the ground (named adventure) and search there. The hunt is rather well done. When starting you get a hud and in that hud the eggs you have to find are showen. The prize is great its a chocolate bunny loco pocos avatar. As all loco pocos avatars it comes with a great hud which contains animations and also possibilities to change the appearance of the avatar. There are also some golden eggs findable. Those contain outfits and stuff for Loco Pocos.
Avatar: LOCO POCOS: Choco2 (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

For those who prefer to be human the gift is a chocobunny pal. The cuddling toy comes also with a great menu. There are four holding possibilities included, the colour of the fur is changeable and its possible that the bunny wears clothes.
Pet: Poco Pal: Chocolate Bunny (Hunt gift 0 Linden)
Outfit: 22769 Honolulu Playboy Club (240 Linden during the make him over hunt)

For those who are not into hunts but love to be a bunny there is a free bunny avatar in the store.
Avatar: LOCO POCOS: Benny (Free version)

The Loco pocos avatars are very well built. And the hud which comes with them is great. It contains faceexpressions, actions and allowed even to choose if the sounds of the avatar should sound female or male.
If you are into 7seas fishing you should also try to take part at a fishing contest at the Poco Village . The winner of those contests wins a special loco pocos fish avi.

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  1. Love the snapshots! Very colorful and fun to look at. Wish I can set my computer to ULTRA too.