Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well coated

Standing at a place at isle of wyrms and waiting for the rain. With Aprilgroupgift from Caverna obscura the rain won't be able to do any harm.And it looks great. Its a very well made coat. It comes with a hood.
When writing /3 hood hide the hood which is down disappears so its possible to wear the uphood without looking silly because of having two hoods.
I like the way the coat moves very much. I had a hard time to make a picture of the movement of the coat but finally i managed to make this picture of the movement of the coat.

Coat: Caverna Obscura Monthly Gift Box ~ APR : Green Cloak (0 Linden)
Dress: blogged
Paws: blogged (and i suppose they aren t available anymore in this colour)

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