Thursday, April 15, 2010

The eyes and me

Lois Allen Designs have a great outfit in the make him over hunt. So when i read that the designer has a bargain corner i had to take a look at it and met Lois Allen herself there. She showed me her latest creation this great peacock gown. Today she released the gown and for a limited time its sold for only 50 Lindens in her store at 5th avenue.

Standing in the avilion ballroom and wondering if anybody will recognize me. But if nobody has a look at me there are enough admiring eyes in this great gown.
The style of the front reminds me a bit of a sari, as those are also kind of wraped around.

This is the headdress. Its great unfortunatly i do not have hair which really fits to it. But i suppose it would look perfect on hair with one bun at the backside of the head. The gown also comes of course with fitting earrings.
But what i love most is the train. The feather texture looks simply awesome.
Gown: Lois AllenDesigns : Lois Peacock with shoes and Earrings (50 Lindens till Sunday then it will cost more)

Of course there is also a freebie in the store. This beautiful blue dress. It comes with skirs in different lenghtes.
Dress: Lois AllenDesigns : Lois Midnight Beauty (0 Linden)

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