Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kuri Style

The main store of Kuri Style got a bit rebuilt. Now its possible to sit there on a very comfy sofa. And there are some gifts and cheapies in the store. Some of the dresses are even reduced for a limited time. For example this nice green outfit. It comes with shoes and different wearing options.
Outfit: K*S NO.228 flower girl(G) (2 Linden)

Its still a bit cold sometimes so this snow dress is still wearable. I like the blue scarf very much. It fits to the outfit and is elegant.
Dress: K*S OBNE-PIECE219 snow Fairy09 Xmas (0 Linden)

Kuri Style offers clothing for lots of occasions, they even sell panjamas.
Outfit: K*S ONE-PIECE146kyukaruizawa(T) (0 Linden)
Slippers: [SS] BOXED BABY ELEPHANT SLIPPERS (Those slippers have been a birthdaygift - from two friends one of them even blogs here - so i don`t know how much they cost. They are made by Spume Shepherd so send him an im if being intrested in them)

This is in my opinion the greatest dress in the store. I love the jacket. And the jacket layer is so well combineable with other outfits.
Dress: K*S ONE-PIECE216patio rose(P) (100 Linden)

For this blog i used the April gift eyes from sterling artistry eyes. But this month the gift contained also two poses and painted nails.
Pose left: sa_a02j08-0410_Fstand (0 Linden)
Pose right:sa_a02j09-0410_Mstand (0 Linden)
Pants: [SP] RNR HALF jeans light drt (99 Linden)
Top: [SP] N-N skulls top (69 Linden)

The eyes are stunning as always. I m always surprised how much influence eyes have on the look of an avatar.
left: sa_eyes_AprilMist (0 Linden)
right: sa_eyes_AprilFog (0 Linden)

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