Friday, May 28, 2010

Freebie mix

Writing stories for blogging items takes much time. So i decided to be rather lazy and show just some freebies. Some might have been allready shown on bunches of other sides but i decided to ignore that simply.

Ducks are animals i somehow dislike. I like feeding them but then i try to throw the food as wide as i could so they have to swim a long distance. Or i try to feed only the outsider duck and chase the cool ones away. Philippe Shilova who built the nice hawk i blogged last week has now a duck with pond in his midnight mania. Both are low prim objects. The duck is rather wild and swims everywhere around. But in the pond its quite nice and behaves well.
Duck and Pond: Country of the kings of fantasy : duck 2- pack with pond

To be honest i have no clue how this jumper got into my inventory but it says groupgift from Trashy Girls In Style. So i went to the store and had a look at the subscriber and saw that it is still there in the history. It comes with a sheer and a non sheer top. The sheer top looks like wearing a bra under the top so all bits are covered. The hairdress is a freebie from A.M.K.R.
Jumper: ::TGIS:: Red Print JUMPER - (Group Gift 0 Linden)
Hairdress: A.M.K.R FREE Hair accesorie (0 Linden)

The red hair was a wonderful subscriber gift from clawtooth. The silverhair says that it is white hair but actually it is grey. I was rather glad when winning the left outfit. It is from NV and the midnight mania board didn`t lock for days. Thats a problem which doesen`t exist for the right top. Its from OoEas and those midnight mania boards normaly get locked.
Outfit: [NV] OUTFIT JUSTINA BOX (0 Linden midnight mania)
Hair: Clawtooth: GROUP GIFT Mrs.Mittens 2 - Valentine (subscriber gift)
Top: OoEas! Cotton Fair Top (Lilac,MM Edition) (0 Linden midnight mania)
Hair: *Hazzard* -Arrair- White Hair (0 Linden midnight mania)

I also was rather keen on this cheeseburger dress. And i got it. I suppose its a dress which attracts many men so i better wear it only at home. Else everybody would want to nibble at me. So for my own protection i have a pirate with me.
Dress: Fierce :**Mc Fabulous mod/trans BOXED
Shoulderfriend: Grim Bros. UNISEX GORILLA Gift Boxed : talk like a pirate buddy

I nearly missed the Vitamen gift this month. Now im glad that i didn`t. The boxers are rather nice i like the colour and the fish are very friendly. The tattoo was a gift on a very cool lucky chair. Its a dancefloor and when your letter comes up you could jump on it and dance for some time. The dance is rather silly so its very funny.
Boxers: VITAMEN Monthly Freebie For May @ House
Tattoo: ** KANIVAL TATTOO ** - 80. Floral Butterfly

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