Thursday, May 27, 2010

The bored princess

Akila Aman knew that she only had one job.
Being pretty. As she was a princess nobody dared to talk with her. So she spend all the time alone. Laying around.
Sometimes she wondered if she was still pretty enough. She was pretty bored.
So one day she decided to go on adventure tour. She stood up and stretched herself. Before getting a bit more covering clothes.
Hoping that nobody would recognize her when her face is hidden she took a veil.
She was a bit insecure while speaking the magic words but it worked. Her carpet started to fly.
The Djinnie set from Caverna Obscura is great. As always it contains many pieces. And it comes with a shape which is modifiable. I first wanted to use that shape but then i thought i should have a try if i could make the prim parts of the outfit smaller. And it worked rather well. So this outfit also fits avatars which are a bit smaller. I like very much that the trousers are wearable as skirt, short trousers and long trousers. Also very nice is that the top still looks nice when only the system part is worn. Its possible to buy the parts also seperate.

Set: Djinnie Complete Set by Caverna Obscura (1250 Linden)
Carpet: ## CI ## Flying Carpet AO (350 Linden)

For the pictures with the carpet i used the flying carpet AO. Its well made as all the things from ## CI ## .

When being at Caverna Obscura i also spend some time at the lucky boards there.
And i even won something. This great ice elemental avatar. It comes with skin and hair and two kinds of top.
Avatar: Caverna Obscura : Ice Elemental Avatar (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

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