Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rockabilly in japan

She has been looking forward to the party now for two weeks. But her parents told her to wear decent traditional clothes. Learn to wear the kimono well they told her. So when seeing the rockabilly kimono she knew she had to use the chance. She sold her old books and with some money she had kept to buy a textbook about history she was able to buy the kimono. When her parents saw the kimono they didn t manage to say a word. She smirked and danced on all the way to the club.
So here the wonderful rockabilly kimono. Its a prize on a lucky board. The black hair dress is a freebie from that shop. So what to say about the kimono. The idea is great, and the kimono is rather well made. I like it very much that the builder made two kind of obis. The obi is the belt around the waist. So she made a obi which comes with that shawl which goes over the shoulder (Eri). This is usefull as only one attatchment point is used. But in the set is also a version included where obi and eri are appart.
Kimono: A.M.K.R KIMONO Lucky Boad (0 Linden - board changes all 5 minutes)