Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucky @ Lika Ruby

Standing innocent with an hawk on my shoulder. This has a reason. The skirt is rather short and maybe people might try to look under it when i jump around.
With the long skirt this is less likely. But the hawk does not really like the jumping. So when i stoped it the top was a bit torn at the shoulder as the hawk digged his claws in the cloth of the top.

The hawk was a gift from a midnight mania board. It only has 3 prims. So its also possible to place the hawk in a tree or on a roof.

Dresses: +Lika Ruby+ china dress (Lucky chair - changes at monday all 5 minuts and after monday all 10 minuts)
Hawk: Country of the kings of fantasy : faucon_crecerelle (midnight mania - else 250 Linden)

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