Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Party elephant

I love elephants. In my opinion they are very gentle and cute animals. So im quite excited about the fact that *FD POSES* sells now big cuddling elephants to sit on. And it made a drow smile. A female one even.
The elephants are available in three colours. Grey, blue and pink. They are all very cuddly.
The eyes of the elephants depend on the colour. The pink one has love in the eyes.
Each elephant has five sit possiblities. Here a picture of them. The one on the back is missing but shown in the picture with the blue elephant.
One of the elephant costs 350 Linden in a non copy version and 800 Linden in a copy version. You could have a look at them at *FD POSES*. Its worth to take a look at the store as it takes also part in the Dark Katz hunt and has a cute pose in the lucky chair.

I these dresses in the blog:

Gothy dress: *Rag Dollz* A Little Bit Goth (Midnight mania 0 Linden)
Purple dress: .:MALT:. Florentia Dress Group Gift (0 Linden)

Skin: Eret!ka : Isis Pale Great scar. (800 Linden)

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