Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arya in the forest

Stretching while wandering through the woods and sighting because not have managed even 50% of the way. But at least the long sleeves of the gown are useful to chase away the flys.
To a gown which fits well to a forest a necklace made of leaves is perfect of course. This one comes from alchemy immortalis. Its made of lots of prims, has shadows and its even possible to choose the metal its made of with a menu.
I love the details on the back. And even there the necklace has shadows.
Necklace: ! * )AI ( Ami amet deli pencet Ivy Choker (99 Linden)

The gown, from Mystic Sky, comes with two kind of sleeves. The texture of the dress lets it look like being made of leather with some cotton cloth under it to make it more comfy. It fits small avis as well as bigger ones.
Dress: ~Mystic Sky~ Arya Gown: Emerald (0 Linden lucky board)

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