Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Throwing the apple

I heared that some people are going to marry soon so i thought its time to train throwing the apple.So i jumped around in the living room throwing the apple. When the fruit was lying smashed onto the floor i remembered that it would have been correct to use a golden apple.
This is the special edition Eris gown from D-Design. The dress belongs to the Nuit Sensuelle line - the D-Design line for high and special fashion. It comes in green with pretty flowertextures. And as a real Lady wears a hat when leaving the house a fitting one is included. The gown comes even with the necklace and the shoes. All the prim parts are resizeable. Even the prim parts of the gloves are.
The skirt comes in two options you could wear it with the bustle or without it. You also could wear just the bustle but that does not look very good but it might bring some attention.
Gown: D-DESIGN Nuit Sensuelle - Eris Jade (980 Linden and from the 14th to 17th 680 Linden for groupmembers)

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