Thursday, July 15, 2010

Berries on the way

A raspberry innocently sitting on the way. But it quickly grows and jumps onto its legs planing to run away from everybody who plans to nibble at it.
The raspberry is berry which likes fashion so it wears some cute earrings. They come even with microbling which is a way to use bling without being called noob (and its possible to turn off the bling). The outer prim of the earrings comes with a colour changing hud. So its possible to make them fit to every dress. They are from a store named Womens dreamy bodyshop which is absolutly worth a visit.
Earrings: WDB GemOver Earrings (150 Lindens)

The raspberry dress is a gift from the Kattastrophe midnight mania it comes with fitting hair and well the bra of it is funny too.
Dress: *KK* Rasberry Dress (0 Linden Midnight Mania)


  1. I heard LL has begun to remove MM boards from the grid.

  2. Very intresting and im sure also very trustable information. Absolutly trustable. Always belive what you hear.