Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flying away with Ezura

After she failed with dying her hair she just wanted to flee. So she grabbed her favourite jacket and jumped on her little steamflyer.
But even after half an hour of flying she didn`t know what crazy story she should tell her friends to explain her hair colour.
The jacket is the new lucky board gift at Ezura. It comes with a sculpted collar, sculpted cuffs and in three lengthes. Ezura is also taking part in the 60 Lindens weekend and sells two packs of torn stockings for 60 Lindens. They are fun. The first pack contains lighter colours and the socks in the second one come in darker tones.
Stockings: + ezura + Knee-High Stockings *Broken Pack A (60 linden this weekend)

Stockings: + ezura + Knee-High Stockings *Broken Pack B (60 linden this weekend)

Jacket: + ezura + Steampunk Gothic Jacket *Charcoal (0 Linden Lucky board)
Hotpants: *COCO*_Gift_Tee&DenimShorts (0 Linden Groupgift)
Hair: Little Heaven : LH_hair76_beatrice_plum_box (0 Linden Lucky chair)

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