Sunday, July 18, 2010

Colourful caverna obscura

Finally having managed to look innocent in a green fairy dress from the caverna obscura lucky board. Its a lovely green dress and its easy to make it fit. The textures on the stockings are just lovely.
Outfit: Caverna Obscura : Mint-n-Lime Pixie (0 Linden Lucky board)
Hair: !*Bliss Hair*! Grand opening Gift (0 Linden)

But after a while being innocent became boring so i messed up my hair and changed my clothing to a harlequin outfit. This outfit has really crazy shoes. The skirt has some black white chess patterns which are repeated on the collar and the stockings.
Outfit: Arlecchina Outfit by Caverna Obscura (0 Linden Lucky board)
Hair: *RibboN*wataame-Hair (0 Linden lucky board)

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