Friday, July 23, 2010

Dancing sunflower

A sunflower dancing around. It jumps from foot to foot.
And even manages to fly some metres.
Then it heared something in the bushes.
But after some moments the sounds have been forgotten again and it enjoyed the sun again.
The outfit is from the lucky board from caverna obscura. Its a very lovely one as it looks like a sunflower. It comes with two kinds of tops and skirts. The gloves are also great.
The poses are from No Strings Attatched they are named Evangeline after the owner and creator of Evie's closet who is a close friend of the creator of No Strings Attatched and available at the summer of love fair.

Dress: Caverna Obscura : Ash&Petals (0 Linden Lucky board)
Poses: 'NSA' - Evangeline I (100 Linden) and 'NSA' - Evangeline II (100 Linden)

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