Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Car washing in the morning

In the morning i was wandering around in one of the silken bathing coats from A:S:S. Smoking a bit and thinking of where to get a nice drink to get rid of my headache.
Silkcoat: A:S:S - Oscar - copper (95 Linden)

So i somehow managed to get to the carwash sale and drunken as i was i bought some more outfits from 22769. First i bought the one with Famous Pornstar because it made me giggle. Then i bought the soviet one and then i thought well as im drunken a blue shirt fits and bought it also. The checkbox capris are great for everybody who loves ska. The ones who prefer punk could wear the stonewashed ones.
t-shirt: 22769 sports tee vendor (unisex) (5 Linden)
Capris: 22769 checkered capri jeans vendor (unisex) (7Linden)
T-shirt: 22769 soviet tee No.3 (unisex) (5 Linden)
Capris: 22769 brown capri trousers (unisex) (7 Linden)
T-shirt: 22769 pornstar tee (unisex) (5 Linden)

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