Saturday, July 24, 2010

Owl fight

Today i argued with the owl. It said i should only wear brown. I got very very angry and tried to kick at it. But it wasn`t impressed so i stoped and ate a mouse in front of its eyes so it was rather jealous. (It was of course a mouse made of marzipan so it looked only like one).
The dress and the scarf and the anklewarmers are the 60-Lindens weekend items from D-Design. The knit textures are very well done. I like the colourful belt but it is of course possible to take it off and to wear for example a leather belt so that the dress looks a bit more elegant. The prim parts are resizeable. If you prefer just to wear the legwarmers without the socks thats possible too.
Dress: D-DESIGN Melissa White (60 Lindens this weekend)
Scarf and legwarmers: D-DESIGN Joy White (60 Lindens this weekend)

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