Monday, July 19, 2010

Missing Ben

Laying at home and missing Ben. He is not very big and his tail is just so short.
The thought that he is all alone at a place where wild owls are is just horrible.
Maybe he isn`t alive anymore.
So at the end it might be a good idea to go to search him. The rolling at the floor caused a urgent need to change the clothes.
When being back in the park i met a bird.
It was very communicative.
And not afraid of anything.
When it balanced on my finger it was hard not to laugh because his little feet tickled me.
It whistled something that sounded like "Ben".
So i held it closer to my ear. And yes i was right. The bird knew why i was in the park.
It guided me to a little hill.
Then it flew away.
I sat down and after some minutes i saw something black coming closer.
It was my friend Ben. His fur looked a bit messy but he seemed to be fine.

The bird poses are a new release from No Strings Attatched. They are sold at the summer of love. And they are lovely. I like the one very much which looks like the bird is flying away or landing.
The poses with the rat are the donation item from No Strings Attatched for Operation Squegee. As the Operation Squeegee bazaar is over they are going to be sold in the store (and the Lindens will still go to Operation Squeegee as it will take ages to get rid of all the oil in the ocean and at the coasts).
The first poses are called "Black Dog". As english isn`t my mothertongue i needed to ask for the meaning of that and "Black Dog" means "Depression".
The outfits are two current Hunt items from Ducknipple. The textures are very well made.

Poses in the flat: 'NSA' - The Black Dog (SoL gift)
Poses with the Bird: 'NSA' - Blue Bird (200 Linden)
Poses with the Rat: 'NSA' - "A Friend Like Ben" (250 Linden)

Outfit in the Flat: Ducknipple : Sonnet - Blue (0 Linden VF Hunt gift)
Outfit in the Park: Ducknipple : Hurley layered - Black / Blue (0 Linden Mad Pea July Hunt gift)

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