Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying to complain but fail !

After decorating her outfit with feathers of the black-white valkyres Geirskögul flew everywhere around trying to show off her trophies. But somehow nobody was around. She was a bit disappointed. So she decided to eat a popsicle. It was very tasty but it melted very fast she was pounting and decided to call the firm to complain.
But she underestimated her strength. When she lifted the headset she didn `t manage to keep in mind that it was made for humans not for valkyres. The rest of the telephone landed in a corner. Now she was really angry and sat down to plan what to plan what to do with those ice creators.
rbcg. is a store for stuff and things and its going to reopen today (rebuilt and redesigned). In the store lots of fun stuff is sold. The feather dress is very pretty. It comes on all layers in a version with pants and one without so that it could be worn with trousers. The popsicle made me laugh. It makes such a pounting face. The telephone is not only available in black. You could get it also in mint, white and pink. I think it would make a good prop in a murder story for example to make pictures of somebody who got strangled with a telephone. Or when playing to be a magician in a society without technology it could be impressive jewlery.

Dress: rbcg.If you are a bird black (250 Linden)
Phone: rbcg.telephone! (black) (75 Linden)
Popsicle: rbcg.melty popsicle! (40 Linden)

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